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We can never get enough of each other, give us a new idea how we could get even more out of ourselves.Im a REAL college girl. Really study history n laws! Yeah Im a smart little bitch hehe)))))

Roleplay, heels, stockings/socks, underwear, oil game,upskirt, dirty talk, hard big candy, anal penetration, hard dicks, submissive, vibrator (uh like it!)

I dreaming abt romantic night with someone who knows how to make me feel great! I am open to everything. I have never tried something sexually I didn't end up liking. For a long time I thought anal would be disgusting and feel weird, but once I actually full-out tried it, I LOVED it. So, I've learned to not judge things so quickly.

So far, I know I really like being controlled during sex. I like to be put into different positions, told what to do/say, called names, spanked, slapped, choked (one time I even passed out(AWESOME)), disrespected, and everything else I've tried like that. I REALLY like it when guys like my feet. They are super cute and it's orgasmic to have them licked.

I love everything (so far). I love trying new things and am rarely disappointed. I have found that I really like being controlled. There isn't a whole lot I have explored, so maybe you can help generate some new fantasies for me :) hello i am a pretty sexy girl who want to please you my love


If You find Yourself to be a bit senile - come to my private - You surely won't forget the time we spend together ;o Pop music


3some sex


I so much want him to do me while You are watching, nothing turns me on more.

Candy Striper pussy licking

Candy Striper pussy licking